5 Of The Best Rottweiler Breeders In The UK

Best Rottweiler Breeders UK

So, you’re interested in welcoming one of these majestic dogs into your home but aren’t sure which Rottweiler breeders to trust?

The Rottweiler has risen in popularity over the past decade or so. According to a recent article in The Scotsman, the ever loyal and powerful Rottweiler is now the 4th most popular working dog breed in the UK.  

The humble Rottie is a growing favourite up and down the UK due to its loyal personality and caring companionship. The Rottweiler was bred to guard and protect, and don’t get me wrong, along with i’s aggressive appearance, it has all the necessary tools to be a wonderful guardian breed, but the breed is also so much more than that. 

The Rottie is sensitive, patient and attune to the emotions of its loved ones. It’s for these very reasons that we’re now starting to see its popularity increase. 

But with that, comes an absolute minefield when it comes to choosing a reputable breeder to buy your puppy from. 

The internet is full of dodgy backyard breeders, shady pet stores and perhaps well-intentioned but inexperienced or unreliable breeders that are just looking to make a quick buck, paying little care to the welfare of their puppy litters. 

Whether it’s a German, Roman or American Rottweiler you are after, you want a breeder who is reputable, trustworthy, ethical and fully transparent on their breeding practices. They believe their puppies deserve the best start in life and dedicate their livelihoods to delivering on such a promise. 

Finding the right breeder for you isn’t easy. Thankfully, we have done a lot of the hard yards for you and made a list of the best Rottweiler breeders found across the UK. 

When curating this list, we focused on experience, ethics and trustworthiness. Some breeders have a history in producing show dogs, but rest assured, all of them have an unwavering focus on providing the healthiest environment for your Rottweiler puppy to thrive.

Rottweiler Breeders In The UK 

#1 Varenka Rottweilers

Nestled in the picturesque landscapes of Ayrshire, Scotland, Irene and Gordon Rattray are the proud owners of Varenka Rottweilers, a name synonymous with passion and exceptional breeding. 

Established in 1978, Varenka has soared to the top ranks of Rottweiler breeders in the UK, earning accolades such as Crufts Best of Breed and UK Top Breeder. But beyond the glitz of the show ring, Irene and Gordon’s true pride lies in the Rottweilers that become cherished family members, emphasising the importance of a loving home.

Rottweiler breeder 1
Credit – www.varenka.co.uk

Their commitment to quality is undeniable, whether a Rottweiler is destined for competition or companionship. As founders of the Scottish Rottweiler Club and accomplished judges, they’ve left an indelible mark on the breed’s landscape. 

Their dedication to learning and sharing knowledge has pushed them to the forefront of Rottweiler expertise, ensuring that every dog they breed embodies the breed’s exceptional qualities. Varenka Rottweilers is a testament to the remarkable bond between humans and these magnificent dogs, a legacy that continues to thrive.

Location: Ayrshire, Scotland

Website: https://www.varenka.co.uk/index.php 

Telephone: 01 563 529 915

Email: varenkarottweilers@hotmail.com

#2 Sovereign Rottweilers

Starting in 1985, Sovereign Rottweilers are based in Warwickshire and have over 35 years experience in breeding, raising and training purebred German Rottweilers. 

They are once again hobby breeders who look to produce roughly 3-4 litters per year. This allows them to have a hyper focus on quality and health. Sovereign Rottweilers also employs a team to ensure the best possible care and nutrition is on hand to ensure healthy, happy pups. 

Rottweiler breeder 2
Image credit – https://sovereignrottweilers.com/

The breeder has a focus on providing ultimate balance, believing that many other breeders have either opted for show dogs who are beautiful but less durable vs worker dogs who are strong, robust and durable but may perhaps lack appeal. The goal of SR is to breed all these strengths into their litters, producing the best of both worlds. 

Amazingly, they also have a strong focus on socialisation and training the Rottweiler puppies from a very early age. This is a huge part of their culture, as new puppies are able to play with other dogs and children on their 6 acre plot of land. What’s even more incredible is that they also train the puppies to understand basic commands such as sit, lie down, heel, stay and go to bed. This makes owning a Rottweiler much more accessible. 

Finally, all puppies are vaccinated, dewormed, microchipped, health certified, fully KC registered and come with a supply of highly nutritional food to kick-start their new life in the right way. Whatsmore, you are able to meet the puppy’s parents for viewing too. 

These puppies are in high demand, so be sure to get in touch quickly. 

Location: Kidderminster

Website: https://sovereignrottweilers.com

Telephone: 07837 392 271

Email: info@sovereignrottweilers.com

#3 Seittor Rottweilers

Seittor Rottweilers is run by David and Sandra Lambert. The couple have owned Rottweilers since 1995, giving them nearly 30 years in the game. 

Seittor Rottweilers have produced show level Rottweilers along the way. The small hobby kennel has owned 4 champions and 14 dogs who have won their Junior Warrants. Additionally, 6 of their dogs have also won show certificates of merit with Yogi (Wharface Wired For Seittor J.W ShCM) being the first Rottweiler in the country to win this prestigious award. 

Rottweiler breeder 3
Image Credit – http://www.seittor.co.uk/

We love David and Sandra’s set up because they are a small, but very reliable hobby breeder with a lot of passion for the Rottweiler breed. They place a big emphasis on socialisation of the breed from a very early age, which is critical for Rotties. They produce wonderful temperaments by allowing the Rottweiler puppies to become part of the household early on, not raising them in separated kennels. 

Their puppies are available from health tested parents and only available to loving, permanent homes. 

Location: Northumberland, England. 


Telephone: 07515629387

Email: rotties@seittor.co.uk

#4 Bamabel Rottweilers

Bamabel Rottweilers are an exceptionally well trusted and reputable breeder based in Somerset, South West UK. 

Alison and Stuart Thompson own Bamabel Rottweilers, and have a strong focus on ethical breeding of German Rottweilers since 1998. 

Rottweiler breeder 4
Image credit – https://www.bamabel.co.uk/

A common occurrence throughout this list is the fact that many of our recommended breeders are small, hobby breeders who are simply passionate about the breed and the welfare of its future. Bamabel focuses on maintaining the breed standard, producing minimal litters a year. 

All their puppies are health tested, hip and elbow scored, DNA tested, vaccinated, dewormed and microchipped. 

Their beautiful puppies go to their new homes with a puppy pack that includes toys, a familiar blanket, kennel club registration, five generation written pedigree,  four weeks of insurance, and a lifetime support line for any problems further into the future. 

Check out their website for upcoming litters or their dogs for adoption page, found here

Location: Somerset, England. 

Website: https://www.bamabel.co.uk/ 

Telephone: 07871457656

Email: bamabelrotts@aol.com

#5 Minaelea Rottweilers

Minaela Rottweilers is owned by Robert & Donna Taylor, who are based in West Yorkshire. The couple are once again a small hobby breeder with 20 years experience producing purebred German Rottweilers.

Minaela Rottweilers have a history in producing award winning stock, with honours at Crufts amongst the long list. The couple are also a member of many Rottweiler clubs and committees across the UK and Ireland, proving their dedication to the welfare of the breed. 

Rottweiler Breeder 5
Image credit – https://www.minaelea.co.uk/

Minaela aims to breed first and foremost for excellent temperament, conformation and working ability. This ensures their puppies are fully functional and not simply for shows. They have an unwavering commitment to breeding high quality, purebred German Rottweilers that adhere to the breed standard. 

As mentioned, Robert and Donna have a big focus on temperament. The team spends a lot of time training and socialising their puppies to ensure they’re well behaved and well rounded by the time they’re ready for their new home. 

And of course, puppy welfare is at the centre of their offering. All puppies come with health testing, deworming, vaccinations and microchipping. 

If you’re not far from Minaela, then be sure to reach out to them to enquire about new litters. 

Location: Wakefield, West Yorkshire

Website: https://www.minaelea.co.uk/index.php 

Telephone: 01 924 862 931

Email: Via form found here

Other Options For Finding a Rottweiler Puppy 

Champdogs hosts an extensive list of Rottweiler breeders across the UK. However, it must be said that the website is dated and takes a lot of time and effort to sift through possible candidates. That said, there are still many reputable breeders that can be found on the website if you have the patience. 

Beyond that, some breeders may use websites like petsathome.co.uk to list their litters. If you’re interested in this route then it can of course be cheaper, however we urge you to do your homework and prepare a list of questions to quiz your breeder about as you want to ensure the health of the puppy is at the heart of their practice. 

Lastly, we would not endorse using marketplaces such as Facebook or Gumtree for sourcing puppies. Sure, sometimes listings are legitimate, however these websites are unfortunately notorious for backyard breeders.

Wrapping Up

Owning a Rottweiler, when properly bred and reared, is a wonderfully rewarding experience. These dogs, with their affectionate and loyal nature and strong character, often become cherished family members. However as with all dogs, the decision to bring a Rottweiler into your life requires careful consideration.

Rottweilers are known for their natural guarding instinct and dominant nature, making it essential for owners to exude confidence, leadership and assertiveness. Therefore, training and socialisation your puppy needs to start at an early age. 

This is a crucial area to discuss with any potential breeder, as a good breeder has the right experience to get the correct foundations in place, making the transition into a new home much easier. 

Raising a Rottweiler isn’t about physical dominance but rather a proper upbringing that nurtures a happy and content dog. 

Ultimately, Rottweilers can make excellent family dogs, but potential owners must be committed and have the time for nurturing, socialising, and training these wonderful companions. 

Responsible breeders will guide you through these considerations, ensuring that the future of this great breed is in loving and caring hands.

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