Is the Cane Corso Dangerous?

is cane corso dangerous?

“Is the Cane Corso dangerous” is certainly a question that gets asked a lot when potential new owners are researching the breed.

There’s no doubt that the Cane Corso is a strong and magnificent-looking canine. I think everything from their unique appearance to their loyal and loving temperament is endearing and totally majestic. 

One of the typical traits of a Cane Corso is absolute loyalty, which in some cases, can lead to reactive behaviour or intimidating characteristics. This is why many people have the perspective that the Cane Corso is an aggressive dog. 

Of course, owning any dog is a risk, and owning a breed as large and powerful as the Cane Corso does come with an undeniable element of hazard. Adopting a Cane Corso into your family home is not a decision that should be taken lightly or without thorough research, despite them having the potential to be such incredible dogs. 

In this guide, we’ll tell you more about why these impressive dogs have earned themselves a reputation for being aggressive and aim to clear up some common misconceptions.

Are Cane Corso’s Dangerous Dogs? 

I think the first thing that gives people an initial fear of the Cane Corso is their appearance. These are colossal, muscular dogs with prominent features, a large & wide muzzle, broad chest and shoulders. To take this a step further, many owners in the USA (where the practice is still legal) choose to crop the ears of the Cane Corso, giving them an enhanced aggressive demeanour. 

Because of the immense size of these gorgeous dogs, of course, the risk of physical aggression is more of a concern. A Cane Corso is clearly going to do more damage with a single bite than a Yorkshire Terrier, for instance. (Although I have to say, I’ve met more aggressive Yorkies than I have Cane’s, that’s for sure). 

For example, the bite power of a Cane Corso is the third most powerful next to the Bandog and the Kangal. It is said to be stronger than that of a lion, which is an absurd fact. 

However, just because Cane Corso’s have this daunting presence and a desire to guard, it doesn’t necessarily make them dangerous dogs.

While the number of Cane Corso attacks has risen in the U.S. in recent years, it’s still far from being one of the most common breeds to attack humans. For example, when looking at the records, over 3000 attacks have been recorded by Pitbulls in the States, and only 22 by a Cane Corso. Of course, I think a lot of this is down to the number of pit bulls that are owned in the States and not necessarily a judgement on their character.

In the U.K., attacks from Cane Corso’s are extremely minimal, but this could be because there aren’t as many around, so this is a difficult statistic to judge. However, two deaths have been recorded after Corso attacks in the U.K., both of which happened in 2022. 

You can read more about UK dog bite statistics here.

What factors affect a Cane Corso’s Aggression? 

A primary cause for Cane Corso’s aggression is because of the fact they are so protective of their families and surroundings. Therefore, this can cause them to be reactive with other humans or animals if they feel their loved ones or property is under threat. 

That said, taking simple steps with regards to training your Cane Corso can help to curb aggression and teach your pup coping mechanisms and necessary social skills. 

Fear is another major trigger for Cane Corso, believe it or not. You might look at this intimidating dog and think it couldn’t possibly be frightened of much, but this isn’t the case whatsoever. Fear is one of the most common reasons for a Cane Corso to turn. This is why negative reinforcement with training leads to such poor outcomes. 

How to Curb Aggression in the Cane Corso? 

So, how can you curb aggression in the Cane Corso? 

Below is a list of examples of things you can do from day one to lessen the aggression in your Cane Corso.

Training and Socialising

One of the simplest ways to eradicate aggressive behaviour from the get-go is to apply strict obedience training and constant socialisation. 

Puppy classes are a proven way to ensure your dog is happy to meet other dogs in various situations. However, even after the puppy stage, work still has to be put in to ensure your Cane Corso is familiar with being around other dogs. 

Invite people to your house as often as possible, and take your pup to as many settings as possible, including public places, parks, and other people’s houses. 

There’s no magic number of interactions here as each dog will be unique. But as a rule of thumb, it’s a safe bet to try and introduce them to someone new everyday (human or another animal). 

Set Boundaries Early

Affection is a key part of the Cane Corso temperament. Your Cane Corso will happily approach anyone and anything by nature. However, boundaries should be put in place regarding this. Some animals or people might not take kindly to a 100 lb dog bounding towards them, and if your dog senses fear or aggression, it could lead to a confrontational situation. 

Stopping your dog from jumping up at people, lunging and general leash control should form key parts of your training as soon as your puppy is able to leave the house. 

It’s important to know that due to their intelligence, confidence and dominant personality, the Cane Corso will assume an alpha role if you’re not showing up as the owner (or pack leader). 


Neutering your dog (if male) is also another way to minimise the risk of aggression. This is of course up to you as an owner. 

Now, there’s nothing set in stone to say neutering your Cane Corso will eradicate aggressive behaviour, but as hormones play a large role in hostility, taking these out of the equation could help to keep your dog calm.

Knowledge and Experience

You need to be an extremely confident and experienced owner to take on this impressive breed. They are certainly not a dog for beginners and will require many years of attentive, rigorous training. 

The breed is suited for owners that have previously owned large dogs from the Mastiff family. You also need the right environment to cater for the Cane Corso. This is no apartment dog. The Corso needs a lot of space and a nice sized yard to play and wander. Due to their intelligence, mental stimulation needs to go hand in hand with play time, you must have the space for this.


Your dog should know who’s boss from day one. An obedient dog requires strong leadership. Provide your Cane Corso with positive reinforcement, and praise them for good behaviour. And firmly put in place commands for bad habits such as mouthing, persistent barking, or pulling on the lead. 

It’s critical that training is consistent and that you lead with a calm but assertive manner. This is a smart dog. It loves to work, it loves to guard and protect and it has a high prey drive. As mentioned above, you cannot allow the Cane Corso to assume the leadership role, this often ends up in aggression and disaster. 

Training Cane Corso puppy to not be aggressive

Is the Cane Corso Dangerous? – Final Thoughts…

So, can you call Cane Corso’s a dangerous and aggressive breed? 

To be frank, you can say the same about any breed. Yes, the Cane Corso can be aggressive without the proper handling, care and training. But when raised correctly, Cane Corso’s can make a fantastic addition to your home. 

However, it’s absolutely critical that you don’t dive head first into buying a Cane Corso if you lack the knowledge and experience with this type of breed. 

You will need to train your Cane Corso to be sociable, gentle and the big friendly giant you want it to be. This will take a lot of time, effort, and consistency. So be patient. 

If you have experience with the breed or larger Mastiff type breeds in general and you’re looking to welcome a new puppy into your home, why not see our list of the top 5 rated Cane Corso breeders in the UK.

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some common questions I get asked a lot surrounding the dangers and aggression in the Cane Corso.

Are Cane Corso’s Good Guard Dogs?

The Cane Corso is a natural protector of its environment and loved ones. While training a Cane Corso to be aggressive to strangers is not advised, just the sight of them alone is probably enough to deter anyone thinking about entering your property.

Are Cane Corso’s Good Family Dogs?

Cane Corso’s are a powerful, intimidating breed. While these big friendly giants can be great with children, strict supervision and rigorous training are advised under all circumstances. A well-trained, well-socialised Cane Corso can make an excellent companion for your family.

How Big Do Cane Corso’s Get?

A Cane Corso can reach 27 inches tall at the shoulder and can weigh up to 120 lbs. Quite Big then.

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