English Mastiff Price – How Much Does A Mastiff Cost?

English Mastiff Price and Costs

Buying an Old English Mastiff means you’re getting a whole lotta dog for your money. These gentle giants are admired all around the globe for their power, loyalty and watchful guardian temperament. 

Popularity for this breed varies depending on which country you’re in. For instance, in the UK, demand for this dog is growing for UK Mastiff breeders

But just how much does an English Mastiff cost? 

Well, to be frank, the answer to that question varies. First of all, where are you buying it from? Are you buying a puppy? Do they have a strong lineage? Are you more interested in rescuing or adopting? 

Looking beyond that, what are the other costs associated with owning the English Mastiff? These range from medical vet bills and insurance to your everyday essentials such as food and entertainment which can vary dramatically. 

And thus, here is our essential reading for future Mastiff owners. In this guide, we’ll walk you through all of the estimated costs associated with owning a large breed such as the English Mastiff. This way, you’ll know exactly what you’re committing to when welcoming the noble Mastiff into your home. 

Let’s start with your one time, up front costs…

Mastiff Price: How much is an English Mastiff puppy?

According to our research, an English Mastiff puppy costs between $800 – $3,000. The reason for the large variation in price is down to a number of reasons, such as: 

  • Purebred Mastiff Lineage 
  • Top tier breeding & nurturing facilities and techniques 
  • Popularity in any given location 
  • Age 
  • Non-registered breeders & classifieds 

Choosing the right breeder is a critical step in ensuring you’re rewarding ethics and experience when deciding where to spend your money. 

English Mastiff Puppy Price

Sure, purebred breeders are more expensive, but they also have years of handling experience, ensuring that all pups are healthy and well socialized before moving onto their forever homes. 

On the flip side, many Mastiff puppies exist on classifieds and although many of these turn out to be great dogs, it’s hard to get away from the fact that many dodgy backyard puppy mills operate on these types of websites. 

Mastiff Price: Adopting a Mastiff

English Mastiffs sometimes find themselves relocated to shelters and in need of adoption. The price of adoption for a Mastiff is between $100 – $500 which varies enormously. This is due to many aspects such as location, the shelter’s general revenue, how overrun the shelter might be and their general operating expenses and registration costs. 

It may in fact be rare to find purebred English Mastiffs in shelters compared to other breeds, however it’s not entirely impossible. It’s very important that you try to gather as much history about the dog as possible before making a commitment. The English Mastiff is a whole lot of dog that won’t suit the more inexperienced handlers.

Mastiff Price: Initial Set-up costs

This is the fun part, where your spending can really get out of control…

Picture this, you have secured the pup of your dreams, you have visions of it coming through the front door, clumsily running down the hallway with its stumpy legs and plump puppy belly. But wait, the pick up date is just two weeks away and you still need to puppy proof your home. 

Thankfully, here is a list of the basics that you need to buy:

Bed$100 +
Crate$150 +
Grooming (Shampoo, nail cutters, dental, brush)$50
Food & Water Bowls$20
Leash & Harness $70 +
Poop Bags$10
ID Tag & Collar$30
Spay / Neuter $300
Basic list of essentials for welcoming a Mastiff into a home

A ballpark figure for the one time set up costs starts at around $800+. You may be great at sourcing bargains or have some hand-me-downs that make this process much cheaper. There may also be elements on the list such as microchipping that are already taken care of by your breeder. 

However, one thing is for sure. Welcoming an English Mastiff puppy into your home is expensive. Some new owners really like to push the boat out and splurge on the highest quality, most expensive dog accessories and supplies that money can buy. Others are more prudent, investing good money in areas that really matter such as puppy training classes. 

In our opinion, it’s worth taking a balanced approach here. Certain items such as a dog bed for your Mastiff not only offer relaxation and comfort which can help the transition into a new house much easier, they also help reduce risk to health concerns, such as joint and mobility issues that may develop. 

English Mastiff Costs

How much does a Mastiff cost per month?

Owning an English Mastiff can cost approximately $200 – $600 a month. Depending on your budget and level of commitment, this large dog can come with a large expense. 

Of course, some of you may like to splurge and spoil your Mastiff with the best grade food, treats, toys and health care available. Whereas many owners are more economical with their spending, finding efficiencies wherever possible. 

You may be taken back by this, so let’s break it down.

Cost of English Mastiff Pet Insurance

Insuring an English Mastiff can range from $50 – $200 a month. Pet insurance for English Mastiff dogs is a lot of money compared to other breeds. Their larger size, health concerns and relatively shorter lifespan play a big role in the cost of their monthly insurance fee. 

Granted a younger, fitter, healthier English Mastiff puppy may be cheaper to insure. Whereas an older Mastiff is likely going to be more expensive. That said, having good health insurance can save you a fortune at the vets whilst also coming with perks and discounts in other areas.

Cost of Vet Visits, Treatment & Medications

We would recommend budgeting between $25 – $30 a month for this. Thankfully a good pet insurance policy might help cover the costs of some vet visits and treatments. However, it’s also best to take part in proactive, preventative health such as flea and tick medication. 

On top of this, it’s worth booking in top level, routine health checks so that a vet can spot any potential issues early.

Bathing & Grooming Costs

Thankfully, this is an area where savvy, budget conscious owners can save money. The English Mastiff doesn’t require a whole lot of grooming compared to other breeds. 

That said, it’s a big dog that is undoubtedly a real effort to wash and clean, therefore some owners may opt to visit their local groomers to get the job done. You may expect to pay around $50 for the privilege. 

If you can handle it, washing and grooming your Mastiff at home is the much more budget friendly option. Be sure to keep on top of that drool!

Cost of Food For Mastiffs

The monthly cost of food for Mastiffs can range from $80 to $150. The English Mastiff can weigh up to 240 lbs, which as you can well imagine means, they love their food! 

The cost of feeding an English Mastiff is not cheap and we encourage owners not to skimp on the quality of food they’re giving to their Mastiff as this can lead to all sorts of health related problems. 

raw feeding

Raw feeding has become popular amongst many dog owners these days. This means that owners are choosing to spend more on their dog food, going far beyond the days of cheap, dry kibble. 

Thankfully, raw feeding offers a degree of flexibility as it means that you are in control of the raw ingredients that you choose to feed your Mastiff. For the more budget conscious, this can mean cheaper cuts of meat, feral fish, bone and seasonal vegetables. 

Beyond that, you may want to throw treats into the mix. That may set you back an extra $10 – $20 a month.

Mastiff Entertainment Costs

Mastiffs are known to dote on their owners, enjoying company and cuddles. Thankfully, these are free. But what dog doesn’t love a selection of toys? 

Mastiffs, just like any other dog, enjoy the mouthfeel of toys. Unfortunately, their powerful jaws, bite force and drool mean that toys are frequently destroyed. Therefore the need to invest in robust options is the way to go. 

You may love to spoil your Mastiff with regular new toys, if that’s the case you may be interested in toy subscription boxes, which offer a sense of anticipation each month. Alternatively, your Mastiff may just love the simple bit of rope for playing tug-of-war, or chasing after a ball. 

We would estimate that Mastiff owners can spend anywhere from $20 – $50 a month on toys.

Total Monthly Costs For Owning A Mastiff

The total monthly cost for owning an English Mastiff can range from $200 – $600 a month. This totally depends on you as an owner. Do you like to spoil this giant goofball? Or have you walked this path before and drained the money pit? 

Owners that love to spoil their Mastiffs will spend lavishly on high human grade food, the best insurance, health care and entertainment. However, this isn’t at all entirely necessary for your Mastiff to have a great life. Many savvy and experienced handlers have walked this block before and have made efficiencies along the way.

Money saving tips for owning a Mastiff

  1. Make healthy treats at home – This may include homemade jerky, frozen carrots, and healthy leftovers. Store bought treats are an area where expense can creep, not to mention, although they’re probably delicious, they’re typically quite unhealthy for your dog. 
  2. Cheaper pet insurance – It’s unlikely that you’ll need to invest in overly expensive pet insurance whilst your Mastiff is younger and fitter. However, be sure to fully understand the pros & cons of this. For example, can more expensive insurance help you save money in other areas down the line. 
  3. Groom at home – Granted, bathing a fully grown English Mastiff is daunting. However, it’s doable with minimal fuss. If possible, do it outside to save you from ruining your bathroom. 
  4. Human grade – It’s totally possible to feed your Mastiff optimal nutrition for relatively cheap. Keep an eye on cheaper cuts of meat, organs, bones and feral fish such as sardines. You can also shop reduced aisles and freeze the produce. If 100% human grade isn’t possible, then there are many modern types of kibble (without the nasties) that can help bulk up the dish. 
  5. Toys – Pet toys make extreme markups for pet stores. Your Mastiff will love a bit of rope, a stick and a robust ball. You can also offer your pooch a lot of mental stimulation through nose games, hide and seek, fetch and more. 

Other Areas of expense

Owning a dog may come with other occasional expenses which can be hard to predict from the offset. It’s likely that many of these might not apply to you, but here are some areas to be aware of:

Dog Sitting & Pet Boarding

We all enjoy vacation from time to time. It’s possible that your beloved, slobbery Mastiff might not be able to make the journey with you. If that’s the case, then you’re going to need to fork out for some dog sitting or pet boarding. 

Pet boarding costs vary, running from $30 – $60 per night. This should include everything from food to walks and handling. A much cheaper option would be to reach out to family and friends to see if they’re able to dog sit for the duration of your break. Just ensure your Mastiff is familiar with them first.

Puppy Training & Socialization

Many Mastiff type dogs require a good degree of puppy training and socialization. These large giants are fairly stubborn and headstrong at an early age. 

It’s likely that many experienced handlers will be able to handle this themselves, however others may invest in extra puppy classes which can range from $30 – $50 per session, sometimes more. 

It is an extra expense, but it’s likely to pay off in the long run.

Dog Walking

Frankly, walking my dog is something that I look forward to every, single day. I don’t want to outsource it to anyone. However, I can’t speak for everyone. Others have very busy lives or changes in circumstances that mean sacrifices must be made. 

Thankfully, there are many great dog walking services out there these days. The cost of these varies largely on location. You can expect to pay anywhere from $15 – $20 per session.

The lifetime cost of owning an English Mastiff

The price of owning an English Mastiff over a full lifetime is around $28,000 – $33,000. This may seem like a staggering amount of money over a 10 year period. 

So why are Mastiffs so expensive? 

Thanks to their large size, lust for food and later life health conditions, the cost of an English Mastiff sky rockets. 

But, if you have your heart set on this gentle giant and you have the time and energy to dedicate to raising and nurturing this noble canine then this is a whole lotta dog which can pay you back with loyalty, love, slobber and endless slightly uncomfortable cuddles. 

The Old English Mastiff is a steady favorite amongst large dog lovers and is worth every penny.

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